Developer: Biodrone Studios, Salt Lake City, Utah

Release Date: Dec. 15, 2016

Platform: Steam - PC (Windows & Macintosh)

Website: www.biodronestudios.com

Price: Free

ESRB: No rating (no mature content)

Press Contact: biodronestudios@gmail.com

Social: Twitter



Welcome to the Aplowcalypse — the revenge-fueled, multiplayer battle arena where players control futuristic snowplow-mechs in the bowels of a massive space beast that has just devoured Earth. Team up with 3 other drivers and seek vengeance for your fallen planet by battling through the innards of this intergalactic monster. Along the way, earn points, “plowerups,” and bragging rights as you plow through alien parasites and attempt to be the best alien slayer in the belly of the beast.


  • 1 to 4 players: local co-op, at all times, any game mode

  • Points system: killing aliens adds points, but kill players to steal their points

  • Friendly fire: every action against an alien can also hurt, stun or kill other players

  • Counter co-op: getting the high score is the goal, but will you focus on aliens or plows?

  • 3 game modes:

    • Story: Know what happened

    • Survival: How long can you last?

    • Score Attack: 3 minutes, best score wins

  • 3 loadouts:

    • Exhaust Knockback: Pressurized exhaust that knocks back enemies and bullets

    • High Beams: Flashes an intense head light that can kill anything in its path

    • Gravity Mine: A timed mine that slows everything in an area before exploding

  • Music: All composed by Salt Lake based musician - Star Wolf


Aplowcalypse began its development in the pioneering Entertainment Arts & Engineering program at the University of Utah. The game started as an undergraduate capstone project in September of 2015, with a team of 14 students. The class requirements were simple: get published within two semesters time. Aplowcalypse landed on Steam Greenlight in early February 2016 and the community greenlit the game in 14 days. When the final semester ended in April 2016, development did not. A handful of the team stayed on through the summer and fall to polish the game beyond a student project and into a full indie release


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Music by Star Wolf