Who is Ian Jentzsch?

I am an alumni of the EAE video game program at the University of Utah. I am a graphic designer, having been raised with Adobe products most of my life, but I later became certified in web design tools (Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, HTML5 and CSS3). I currently work for Youth Education at the University of Utah as a finance manager, and teach graphic design to 10-16 yr olds, and beginning programming to 6-9 yr olds.

My Resume

Leadership and Design

I may not be the best artist in any given room, nor a basic coder (by any stretch of the imagination). However, what I may lack in technical expertise, I more than makeup for with strong leadership skills and meticulous design philosophy. My job is to help others see and set goals, think about every obstacle they could encounter and how to overcome them. I believe that a dedicated work ethic is the key for good results, but it's the passion that will drive something from being good, to something great. This is what I teach to my fellow team members, classmates, and my younger students. I also try to make them laugh... otherwise, what's the point?

Biodrone Studios

I was the producer for our company and senior project, "Aplowcalypse" (previously known as Biodrone). I defined goals, assigned tasks, made final decisions and handled all business, from LLC to PR. As an artist and designer, I've provided most of the in-game UI, made all the cutscenes, a plethora of assets and a few of the animations, all with pixel art. I also created all the marketing materials, such as designing posters and cutting the trailers.

Aplowcalypse Artwork (Click to enlarge)

Aplowcalypse Cinematics

Aplowcalypse Trailers

And...Go! Improv Comedy

From 2011 to 2014, I was a member of an improv troupe, "And...Go!". I started as a performer, but quickly became more involved in the business side of things. Soon I was the main graphic designer. In 2013, I rebuilt their website from scratch, providing 100% of the art assets (other than the original logo). Sadly, like the website, the team is now defunct as we all moved on to bigger, better things (click here to see an archived walkthrough of the site).

Along with the design work, we also developed three web videos to promote the group. Each one was produced and directed by myself and my wife. She also edited the final products. You can also see yours truly in "Girls Night".

Other Design Work

School Work

In the spring semester of 2014, I wrote and directed a machinima animated short called "The Reel Life of Tim Nelson," which follows an unlucky fellow trapped in world full of movie cliches. With the help of my amazing classmates and enlisting my improv friends as the cast, it won both Judge and Audience Choice at that year's U of U Machinima Fest.

Below are some samples of my animation work and character designs

For one class, I created a memory game (and a tribute to The Simpson's). For my Scratch students, I use this game as example of programming basics (loops, if thens, inputs, etc).

Character Design