Press Releases

Well the press releases have been sent out...

More than actually releasing the game, emailing people trying to convince them to check it out, is so much worse. It's a crazy tight rope you have to walk. Be clever, but don't try to be funny. Be brief but don't undersell yourself. Be concise, but make sure you say enough that it entices, etc.

Its very personal, putting yourself out there. We're very proud of what we have, but you still worry for every second. We shall see what everyone thinks...

How I felt every step of the way:

December 15th!

We have been approved by Steam! We decided to wait till Thursday to launch, to avoid other releases this week and the behemoth that will be Overwatch's event. So December 15th is the day. The perfect gift for the Holiday season (and before the Steam winter sale...).

We'll be sending out press kits to get the word out and hopefully drive up the downloads. This will include our Launch Trailer, which we put a lot of work into. Can't wait to share it, and the game, with all of you.

Let's launch this sucker!

Swing and a Miss

We messed up on a few of the language builds (i.e. if you choose to download the Chinese version, it would still give you the English version), so Steam turned it back to us to fix.

We've spent all weekend working that out, but in the process, discovered a game crashing bug when trying to skip the intro splash screen. Between two of our programmers, we cannot figure out why, so the intro is unskippable for the time being. Don't yell at us too much, its barely even 10 seconds! I know, we're sorry...

On the plus side, it's back under review, and hopefully everything will be ready sometime this week!

Submitted to Steam

Here we are, at the end of our journey... hopefully.

We've submitted our completed build to Steam and are awaiting approval for release. As promised, the Chinese version is also complete and we should be able to upload it after we are approved.

We're really proud of the game we made. From humble school project to full indie game, we hope you enjoy it as well. 

Plow your friends!



Nearing Launch

We wanted to touch base with all of our followers and let you know that development on Aplowcalypse is still going strong... kind of. Since our last big public showing at the University of Utah's EAE Day in April, our team enjoyed a much need break during the summer. Once we recovered, our team dwindled to a skeleton crew. Down from 14 members, right now its only about 2 or 3 at a time (plus-or-minus). So progress has slowed. However, we are nearing completion. 

We've working hard at making a more fully featured and polished game. We've put a lot into it, from extra art and animations to new modes and plowerups and even a full Chinese version! We are feature locked (hopefully) and we're almost ready to launch this over ripe fruit.

Aplowcalypse has been Greenlit!

In only 14 days, we got Greenlit by Steam! Just when our numbers were beginning to dip and we were prepared with an all out marketing blitz to get our stats up, the community had our back. This is because of you guys. Thank you so much! And a special shout-out goes to our contributor RT for getting our game out there. 
Stay tuned, as we have much more news to deliver (including our new GDC trailer).

Site Launch

Here we are, the beginning. Not only a launch for this site, but an entire launch for our company, our project and our game.

Our goal is to get Aplowcalypse published via Steam Greenlight. Having our game launch on Steam would meet our class requirement, but more than that, it would be freaking awesome! Talk about bragging rights.

We are also aiming for GDC 2016 in March with the rest of our EAE class. So for the next few months, we are in crunch mode to get this game looking beautiful, playing great and giving hardcore fans something to challenge themselves for months to come. 

Stay tuned.