The early beginnings of Biodrone Studios started in the Fall semester of 2015. We were all students of the Entertainment Arts & Engineering program at the University of Utah. Either by divine intervention, fate or complete random selection by our professors, we all came together for our senior capstone project. 

The original pitch of our game was conceived by Darrell Sweet and it was called Biodrone. Within a few short weeks, the idea had evolved and pivoted to an unrecognizable level. The only real constant was to make a hardcore experience for the hardcore crowd. Eventually, we landed on the crazy idea of Aplowcalypse. Were we high, stupid or both? Who knows. But we hope it works. The ultimate goal of the capstone was to have our game published, we started with Steam Greenlight and maybe later we'd aim for Xbox One. Was this a lofty goal? Well if we didn't publish, we didn't earn credit. Thats a pretty good motivation, right?

Early 2016, we officially became Biodrone Studios LLC... because, tax reasons!

2016 was whirlwind. In early February, we launched our Steam Greenlight campaign. Many told us that it would probably take a few months to get enough interest that it would be approved for full release and it would require constant self promotion.

However, thanks to the tireless efforts of our own Ruohan Tang, he swarmed the Chinese forums, showing off what Aplowcalypse could be. In 14 days, we got Greenlit! The first in our class, by a solid month. We no longer had to worry about publishing, we could now focus on making the game fun.

At the end of the Spring semester, we had an awesome game ready to go. The capstone class came to an end in April. We showed off our "final" build at EAE Day (a public event that showcases all the great projects being developed at the University of Utah). Watching the crowds that would gather around our game (next to a 60'' television), as they would cheer and scream, we felt validated for all the hard work. It truly was good enough to ship as a great student project.

But some of us thought we could go further with it. We wanted it to be better than a student project, we wanted it to be treated as a full indie game.

When the summer began, we all took a much needed break. A good half our team is now in the EAE's graduate program. But only a small handful of us returned to flesh out Aplow (a rotating 2 or 3 team members). Adding a few features, new modes, achievements, more art and sounds, and a lot of fine tuning.

In that December, we completed most of everything we wanted and it was finally time to let this one go. We were doing this for free after all (and selling it for free!). And here we are, hoping the wait was worth it. We sure enjoy it and hope you will too.

Plow your friends!

The Biodrone Team: